Welcome to GeoGebraLive!

GeoGebraLive lets you share GeoGebra worksheets with other people for live collaborations. There is no registration or setup, just upload a worksheet, invite students or colleagues and start collaborating!


Want to start a session?

You can start collaborative work with GeoGebra. If you want to collaborate on some worksheet, you will be asked to upload it later.

Want to join a session?

Currently running public sessions are listed below. To join a private session, enter the URL you received into addressbar of your browser.


Frequently asked questions

How do I use GeoGebraLive?
Do I need an account?
No, you can use this service right away.
Is commercial usage allowed?
What are the technical requirements?

GeoGebraLive requires a computer capable of running GeoGebra, an up-to-date internet browser with Java applet support and enabled JavaScript.

Does my session expire?

Yes, a session expires after 24 hours of inactivity and all information associated to it (e.g. the worksheet) will be removed from our server.

GeoGebraLive is not intended to be used for permanent storage of worksheets, you can use GeoGebraTube for this purpose.

What can I use this for?

  • Share materials for tutoring
    (see commercial usage notes)
  • Work together with colleagues on GeoGebra worksheets
  • Shared worksheets will be available for 24h of inactivity only. To permanently store your worksheets use other services like GeoGebraTube.
  • Please don't use this service for non-GeoGebra related activities.